Mitt Romney Led “Gang of Bullies”

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Hi I’m Geoff Fieger

When I was 14 years old, two adult sadists at the Detroit Country Day School held me down and shaved my head because they didn’t like long hair on boys.

The memory of the abuse is burned into my mind.

We’ve now learned that, a then, 18 year old Mitt Romney led a gang of bullies who attacked another student and held him down while Romney cut off his hair.

Mitt Romney, running for President of the United States and leader of the free world. He has now looked the American people in the eye and stated he doesn’t remember doing it.

The other perpetrators have all confessed that the event has haunted them for years.

But not our Mitt. Anyone who claims they don’t remember physically attacking someone, is either a sociopath or a liar. Or both.

Remember, if you don’t stand for something,

You end up standing for nothing.


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  1. RS

    Mitt Romney Led “Gang of Bullies”

    Thank you, Mr. F.
    for sharing your story.
    This ad is quite effective and I hope it
    goes viral.

  2. Leslie Johnson

    Mitt Romney Led “Gang of Bullies”

    Thank-you for making this ad. It was brave of you. I’ve posted it on my FB age.